Transform Your Life To Unlock Health Happiness And Prosperity That Gives You Optimal Well Being

Embark on a journey to transcend boundaries and embrace a lifestyle that not only nurtures your body but also enriches your soul. It's time to thrive in every aspect of your existence – let's make your dreams a reality!

What You’ll Learn In AFH?

Optimized Protocols

Discover personalized plan tailored to your lifestyle, body type, and health goals. Uncover the science-backed strategies that maximize fat loss, boost energy levels, and promote cellular rejuvenation for a vibrant life as well as a roadmap for longevity.

Nutritional Mastery

Gain insights into the power of nutrient-dense foods to fuel your body. Learn how to optimize your meals for sustained energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Unlock the secrets of nutrient timing and composition to enhance your fasting experience.

Mind-Body Connection

Explore the profound link between mindfulness and spiritual growth. Acquire tools to cultivate a positive mindset, manage stress, and deepen your spiritual practice. Harness the transformative potential to align your mind, body, and soul for a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Exclusive benefits  of joining this community

Revitalize Your Health

Receive personalized intermittent fasting plans tailored to individual lifestyles, health goals, and preferences, ensuring optimal results and adherence.

  • 4 membership levels
  • 15+ courses
  • Self-paced learning
  • Latest trends and strategies

Transform Your Lifestyle

Gain access to expert advice, latest research findings, and practical tips empowering members with knowledge and confidence in their fasting practices.
  • Quarterly Healthathons
  • Latest Tools & Tips
  • Lifestyle Optimization Formula
  • Self Darshan Formula

Collaborate With Top Fasting Warriors

Access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals sharing experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering motivation, accountability, and camaraderie throughout the fasting journey.

  • Inner Circle Masterminds
  • Accountability Partners
  • Community Meetups
  • Expert Collaborations

Achieve Milestones, Win Awards, and Get Recognized 

Join our community game of achieving optimal health in 1 year as a fasting warrior and become inspiration for others.

  • Fastlifit Finisher award
  • Hall of Fame award

Experience Life-Changing Transformations with Intermittent Fasting

Witness transformative changes in health, energy levels, mental clarity, weight management, and overall well-being, empowering individuals to lead a fulfilling lives.

  • Revolutionized Health
  • Vibrant Energy
  • Mind-Body Balance
  • Transformed Body Composition

Topics You’ll Learn Inside?

Fasting Benefits
Meal Timing
Energy Boost
Weight Management
Personal Growth
Mindful Eating
Longevity Secrets
Health Optimization
Mental Clarity
Productivity Hacks
Hormonal Balance
Time Efficiency

Sustainable Habits
Success Strategies
Nutritional Guidance

Enhanced Energy

Discover the vitality boost!

Peak Performance

Unlock your potential!

Balanced Lifestyle

Harmonize your health!

Why Join AFH?

Join AFH for a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Discover the profound benefits of intermittent fasting, tailored to suit your unique needs and schedule. Experience a supportive community, where growth and success are celebrated. Join us at AFH, where every step towards wellness is a step towards a fulfilling life.

Yashodha Basavanna

Empowerment Coach

Sarita Indradeo Kumar understands the unique struggles faced by those juggling careers, personal commitments, and wellness aspirations. With compassionate approach and wealth of knowledge, empowers to unlock their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Chinna Sahithya

Digital Valuepreneur & Wellness Coach

Sarita Indradeo Kumar understands that true wellness encompasses not only physical health but also mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual fulfillment. Approach beyond the traditional boundaries to nurture every aspect of your well-being.

Sumit Jha

Software Engineer

Sarita Indradeo Kumar doesn't just preach intermittent fasting; he lives it. Through his own journey. Their personalized guidance and unwavering support will empower you to cultivate sustainable habits, achieve your wellness goals, and embrace a lifestyle that nourishes both your body and soul.

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